15 Spectacular Trends for 2021 Weddings

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15 Wedding Trends that will be Booming in 2021

With so many 2020 weddings being postponed due to the coronavirus, 2021 is already becoming the biggest and busiest year for weddings in history. This means that brides and grooms who expect to tie the knot in 2021 should be locking down vendors and making plans right now. A wave of weddings means a rush of remarkable trends, and couples have had plenty of time to get creative and decide on what they really want. Here are 15 trends for an amazing wedding in 2021.

1) Micro-Weddings

The tiny wedding is big right now. A micro-wedding has fewer than 80 guests and is usually held in a very intimate setting. Cutting the number of guests allows a bigger budget for areas like flowers and food, so couples can splurge on those who attend. Huge floral arrangements, and opulent décor are popular at a micro-wedding.

2) Being Green

Sustainability is a huge buzzword in wedding planning for the 2021 season. Brides and grooms are looking at creating as little waste as possible and cutting back on anything that isn't green. This includes reusing and recycling materials as well as using local sources for supplies.
You'll see brides wearing dresses made from natural fabrics, and many will choose a second-hand, borrowed or vintage gown instead of buying something brand new. Decorations will be DIY and food and flowers will be in-season, fresh, and sourced from local farms.

3) The Honeymoon Registry

Rather than registering for gifts, modern couples may register for a honeymoon. This means that guests have the option of donating money toward the honeymoon rather than buying the guests a tangible present.

4) Victorian Style

The modern wedding has many of its roots in the Victorian era, and couples are finding inspiration in weddings of that time. This means formal gardens featuring fountains and statues, lots of floral patterns in the décor, and clothing with details such as lace and covered buttons. For men, you'll see cutaway coats with waistcoats and ascots.

5) Edible Flowers

Flowers are a traditional detail for weddings, and many people are now adding them to the food and cake for double duty as decoration and nutrition. Edible flowers are beautiful cascading down a cake or used as part of a salad or main dish. They can also be added to cocktails.

6) Venues with Views

The view will play a big role in venue options for 2021 weddings. Brides and grooms will be looking for outdoor spaces with sweeping views of the nature as well as indoor locations with windows that overlook a garden in bloom. Natural, stunning scenery will be an important part of the wedding photographs.

7) Flower Circles

Circles are the popular shape for floral displays, especially at the altar. Couples will be saying their vows in front of giant, flower-covered hoops that represent the infinite nature of love. Floral circles will also turn up as decoration on tables.

8) Lavish Sweetheart Tables

The formerly popular sweetheart table, where all eyes are focused on the bride and groom, is making a comeback in place of tables set for the whole wedding party. These tables for two will be covered in flowers, ribbons, and decorations that tell the story of the couple.

9) Focus on Gratitude

Couples who have had to postpone their weddings are especially thankful for the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. They will be expressing these sentiments in personal thank-you notes at each place setting or in special gifts of flowers, local food, or baked goods.

10) Mixed Pastels

Whether mint, creamy yellow, or pale pink, pastels are popular color choices for modern weddings. Instead of sticking with just one shade, many weddings feature a mix of pastels. You'll see this trend in bridesmaids wearing a rainbow of soft colors and in decorations made from streaming ribbons.

11) Weekday Weddings

The wedding boom of 2021 is going to mean that couples can't be as choosy when it comes to a wedding date. Many couples are going to avoid the rush by scheduling ceremonies on weekdays. While this can be more challenging for guests, it does offer the benefit of lower rates on venues and vendors.

12) Jumpsuits and Flowing Pants

A gown is no longer the only choice in bridal attire. White jumpsuits or sets with palazzo pants are also popular now. Bridal pants can have so much volume that they look like skirts when brides are standing still.

13) Focus on Blue

A traditional bride's something blue is usually found in the form of a hidden garter or in a small detail like earrings. But the trend right now is for a bride's something blue to be obvious and prominent. This may include a large, sparkling barrette with blue stones, blue shoes, or a blue sash tied around the waist.

14) Living Chandeliers

One eye-catching trend for current weddings is to have a large floral arrangement suspended from the ceiling. These focal pieces can be all flowers or have greenery included. They can also incorporate light fixtures.

15) Gowns with Volume

Huge wedding gowns will be on-trend in 2021 as skirts get larger and larger. Tulle and other flowy fabrics will be popular because layers upon layers can be added for maximum volume. Wearing extra crinolines under the wedding gown will also be used so the bride looks like she is floating on a cloud.
Weddings in 2021 are sure to be incredible and include new and exciting details. You'll be sure to see these 15 trends featured in what will be an amazing wedding season.
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