Attending a Wedding: Tips for Bringing a Date Who Doesn't Know Anyone

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Make it a more enjoyable event for you and your date

Going to a wedding as a guest when you only know one other person can be a little overwhelming. If you're invited to a wedding and your date doesn't know anyone but you, it doesn't have to be as stressful as both of you might think. There are steps you can take, such as the ones below, before and during the wedding that can make it a more enjoyable event for you and your date.

1) Have a conversation about it

Speak with your date and make sure they're comfortable with holding their own at the event should you have to step away to talk to others, dance, use the bathroom, take pictures, or assist someone. If either of you have any concerns, the conversation is a perfect opportunity to voice them.

2) Plan pre-wedding get-togethers

If your date is nervous about not knowing anyone else who is going to be at the wedding, try and make plans in advance for the both of you to spend time with one or more of the other guests. The gathering might help your date feel less awkward the day of the event since they'll know at least a couple of other people.

3) Bring someone who won't give you a problem

Chances are, you're not going to want to bring a date who's going to drag down your happy mood by giving you a problem if you have to leave them alone at any point during the event. Take someone you're going to have a great time with who will make an effort to enjoy themselves in a respectable way even when you're not around.

4) Ask a friend to interact with them

Ask your friend to try and hang out with your date when you're not able to during the wedding. It increases the chances that your date won't have to sit alone, and you may even be introducing them to a person they could become friends with.

5) Make time to be around

It's easy to get wrapped up in running around and chatting with everyone at the wedding, but make time to hang out with your date as often as possible even if they're a social individual who seems to be having a great time. Incorporate them into conversations so they feel included, and also so you can spend time with your date and those you haven't seen in a while at the same time.

6) Make introductions at the wedding

Rather than making introductions by name between your date and others at the wedding, it can be beneficial to also include a fun fact about one of them. For example, if your date just went skydiving and a fellow guest has always wanted to go, bring it up. The mention can help encourage a conversation between the two of them that can continue throughout the event, especially when you have to excuse yourself and don't want to leave your date sitting alone.
It's not always easy being a wedding guest who doesn't know anyone, so don't forget to thank your date for attending with you and helping you to have a wonderful time. The appreciation can go a long way, especially if you'd like to invite them to another wedding in the future.
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