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6 Valuable Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

How can you stretch your wedding bucks without increasing the budget? It's easy. Think creatively when it comes to acquiring your wedding dress. Read these six valuable tips to slash the cost of your wedding-day dress without sacrificing any of your dreamy style.

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1) Rent it

When you think about it, does it really make any financial sense to purchase a pricey wedding dress that you will wear only once? No, it doesn't. So, why not rent your wedding gown for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy it outright. The groom typically rents his tuxedo for the day, so why wouldn't you rent your dress for the day?

2) Borrow your dress

Borrowing your wedding dress is a great money-saving option. Ask a married friend who purchased a wedding gown for her special day if she will lend her dress to you. Get permission from her for any size or design alterations you need to make. She'll probably be thrilled to help you out and may even give you the dress as a one-of-a-kind wedding gift. This process can also provide clarity on where you can cut expenses or find suitable substitutes for items on your list. For instance, if fresh flowers are way too costly, why not use silk?

3) Don't purchase new

Another option to forking over big bucks for a brand-new wedding dress is to purchase one that's been gently worn by a bride for her special day. The cost of an almost-new wedding dress, when compared to brand new, can save you a lot of cash. You might also find greatly discounted wedding dresses that have been previously used for mannequin display purposes, are slightly damaged, or have been tagged as "sample dresses" at wedding boutique shops. Ask the shop owner if she would be willing to sell you one of these "used" or damaged wedding dresses at a significantly reduced price.

4) Create your own

If you're a good seamstress, the sky is the limit when it comes to designing and sewing your own wedding dress. Draw a sketch of your dream dress and then create it for yourself. However, if designing and sewing your own wedding dress isn't something you feel comfortable with, ask a talented friend to help you with the process. Maybe she would offer her sewing services as a wedding gift to you, especially if you foot the bill for the wedding dress fabric, decorations, and other necessary items to make your designer wedding dress a reality.

5) Wear your mom's dress

Are you feeling a bit sentimental? The perfect solution might be to wear your mom's wedding dress that she's stashed away in the attic. Your mom may be thrilled and you'll save some serious dollars. Make the necessary alterations and updates for a proper fit and to make it your own, but those costs are minimal when compared to the price tag of a new wedding dress.

Get creative when it comes to modernizing your mom's old wedding dress. Trim the bottom off a floor-length gown to make it knee-length or snip off long sleeves for a sleeveless look. Enhance your mom's old wedding dress with a few sequins, pearls, lace or other decorative items to add your own personal touch. Ditch the wedding veil for a sparkly tiara or floral head wreath.

6) Avoid pricey bridal boutiques

Stepping into a luxurious bridal store can make you feel like a princess. These well-appointed shops cater to your every bridal-dress whim, such as one-on-one personal service, posh sitting areas, fancy decor, and complimentary drinks and snack items. However, lavish bridal boutiques are not accommodating you for free. The big-ticket prices attached to their wedding gowns and related accessories absorb the elevated costs of these posh boutiques. You can't save big dollars on your wedding dress when you shop in an exclusive bridal boutique.

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